Cloudbrink is one of the few surviving old-world cities. It rests high atop a lone peak, between the treeline and the cloudline. The weather patterns surrounding the mountain are unusual, in that for most of the year, the peak of the mountain is shrouded in a thick layer of clouds that are always at roughly the same altitude.

Once little more than a small trading post, after the cataclysm, Cloudbank began to grow rapidly as refugees sought to escape above the treeline. It has surpassed its origins as a small trading post, and has become a bustling trade hub, growing to fully surround the small peak below the cloudline. It has become a preferred embarcation point for many expeditions into the frontier.

The cloud formations that both surround Cloudbrink and act as its namesake extend for several miles beyond the peak. For many years, the area was known for its high frequency of pirate ambushes, as the pirate ships would use the cloud cover to sneak up on unsuspecting prey. In more recent times, a growing militia group known as the Red Wings has been patrolling the area and destroying pirate vessels on sight.

Above the clouds, the peak of the mountain is home to the legendary Xiang Tsungtao monastery, supposedly in operation for millennia. Among other things, the monastery enjoys a reputation for its brewing, and its signature beer is world-renowned. As Cloudbrink grew more cosmopolitan, the monastery shuttered its doors, and remains cloistered to this day. The monastery still delivers its wares, though does so only twice per year (to much fanfare in Cloudbrink). Other than these times, the doors remain sealed, and none are seen entering or leaving the monastery.


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